'to fashion' street style photography experience 2022

The New Zealand Fashion Museum hosted two street style photography experiences as part of the to fashion exhibition at Britomart, on Saturday 19th and Sunday 27th March 2022, supported by Auckland Council and the city centre targeted rate.

Participants were encouraged ‘to fashion’ an outfit that expresses who they are, and step in front of the lens of professional photographer Denise Baynham.

The images then featured on the NZFM's social media channels over the period of the exhibition during the Auckland Arts Festival, and provided a snapshot of Aotearoa style, culture and identity in 2022. The campaign also included a call to action inviting people to submit their portraits on social media as well, which have also been included below.


Saturday 19 March


Olga Danilova - I am: From Kiev. Today is the first day I feel better since the war broke out Ukraine, I am meeting my daughter. ⁠


Charlene Ho - I am: Out brunching and shopping on a Saturday⁠ I am wearing: Trelise Cooper coat, handbag made by me, jumpsuit by Karen Walker, sneakers by Charlotte Olympia x Puma.⁠


Emily Webster -⁠ I am: A full-time medical student and part-time stylist at Juliette Hogan x⁠ ⁠ I am wearing: Juliette Hogan Sigrid slip in black and Marvin Cardi in Olive marle.⁠


Mark Rowell M. Verar -⁠ I am: I’m a Front-End Developer specialist that loves outdoor, sports enthusiast and fashion.⁠ ⁠ I am wearing : A Filipino inspired Dri-fit shirt that showed culture and representation of Filipino in New Zealand.⁠


Rose and Ava - I am: We are here visiting the market with our dad and our dog. Our dog is super excited - he loves people! I am wearing: Dangerfield dress, jumpsuit and socks, bags from Federation, and doc marten boots. ⁠


Jenny Ali - I am wearing: Bec and Bridge⁠.


Tiffany Wheelock and Vaughn Wiesner⁠ - ⁠I am: Myself.⁠ I am wearing: A mix of clothing! Kookai, Forever New, Country Road.⁠


Lini Larkin - ⁠I am: Non-Binary POC? I’m not sure what to put here sorry!⁠ ⁠I am wearing: Dirty black jeans that have not been washed in two weeks, scuffed dress shoes and a vape necklace that looks like a fashion statement but is mostly for practicality. ⁠


Zaynah Alexander-Champion - I am: Empowered, Creative, Bold.⁠ A student actor, occasional model and fashion design is a long time passion of mine! ⁠I am wearing: Guess camera bag, Constellation skirt from Zara, boots from Therapy⁠ 🖤


James Cain ⁠-⁠ I am: Relaxed, creative and calm.⁠ ⁠I am wearing: Casual clothing. Long baggy track pants that cover my shoes to an extent. Followed by a blue t-shirt with a lumberjack like hoodie. All clothing is comfortable and extremely easy to move around in. Furthermore, this style of clothing is extremely practical and reduces the need to carry a bag around. I typically wear clothing for strong use of practicality rather than for the fashion statement. ⁠


Shonna O'Neill - I am wearing : Trelise Cooper Devoted To You Dress.⁠


Lay-On Le and Phong Do - I am: An arts lover, movies goer, sourdough baker, and one for all things beautiful and fun. My hubby is a banker, greens grower, and Tolkien enthusiast. ⁠I am wearing: Andrea & Joen linen jumpsuit and Rebecca Taylor tweed jacket. He's wearing a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, jeans, and R. M. Williams boots. ⁠


Barbara Holloway⁠ - I am: I am 65 and a mother and oma. I learnt to sew at the age of 7 and have been fascinated by fashion and textiles ever since. I soon developed a keen interest in the effect on myself and others of the garments and accessories that i wore. I definitely dress for attention and am not shy about this. I married in the 70s wearing an Afgani dress.⁠ I am wearing: A representation of the cultures i am connected to. The headscarf is from Bali, a nod to my Indonesian daughter in law. My top is by Rawiri Brown to admire New Zealand's talented young indigenous designers and my children's heritage. The Mi Piaci boots are to honor NZ companies and the ring is a Dutch designer in recognition of Doris de Pont.⁠


May Verar -⁠ I am: I am a mom of a happy baby and playful toddler. I also work part-time at home for A.C.E All Customized Enteprises ACE and Good Giftz. I am also grateful for the organisers of New Zealand Fashion Museum. Such an honour to be part of an amazing event for the community. Happy 12th year Anniversary! ⁠I am wearing: I am wearing clothes I bought from a family thrift store of Salvation Army, shoes from Novo and my accessories are from Lovisa Jewellery.


Tanya Barlow and Delilah⁠ -⁠ I am wearing: Tyler McGillivary.⁠


Daneshree Ndebele - I am: I am a fabulous 50 woman of Indian descent, born in South Africa. My husband is Zimbabwean and as a family we identify as Zimbabwean with Indian and South African heritage. I am an ethnobotanist and strong advocate for the rights of people and our planet.I am super passionate about books, poetry, performance art, music, writing and all things food. I am a mad about fabric and have a collection of fabric from all my travels. Above and beyond all this - I am a proud mama to my children.⁠ I am wearing : A dress made for me by a sensational African fashion designer named Shoki Malapane who is based in Johannesburg. It is made out of fabric that I got from Senegal.⁠


Therese Henares - I am: An autistic animator.⁠ I am wearing: My shirt and earrings are from Dangerfield. I don't remember where my pants and shoes came from.⁠


Lee Wind - I am: A pre-op transexual⁠. I am wearing: An outfit i put together a couple days b4 coming here. Hehe 😉


Naomii Seah - I am: ...unique!⁠ ⁠I am wearing: Absolutely everything in this photo is second hand, from the bag down to the shoes and the scarf. Even the pearls on the shoes are repurposed from a second-hand necklace that broke. To me, Fashion and makeup are a means of self-expression. It's an art, and that's why I find so much joy in re-using and repurposing items in new and unexpected ways--even making or modifying things. I'm always thinking of new "wrong" ways to wear items.


Annah Pickering and Emile Cowan -⁠ I am: I am my signature style (Annah), Androgynous (Emile)⁠ I am wearing: PI leopard 🐆 on a mission (Annah), Caribbean Creole style (Emile).


Viv Beck - I am wearing: This outfit is a mix of New Zealand designers, coat by Trelise Cooper, pants by Pearl and top by Ingrid Starnes..⁠


Mairātea Mohi - I am: I'm a joker, I'm a smoker I'm a midnight toker. Jk I am...me! (still figuring out what that means exactly)⁠. I am wearing: I'm wearing a mix of fast fashion, second hand and a bespoke graphic tee from va'a uoa. But it all sums up my fashion journey really. I used to wear whatever was trending, but would always leave the shop feeling disappointed because nothing quite fit me well enough. Until I started op-shopping and exploring my personal style. Now I wear whatever I want, whenever I want. It's been a very empowering journey trying to find my style - I don't think I'm quite there yet, but I'm having fun figuring it out!⁠


Christopher Stratton - I am: I work in screen and theatre, predominately as a production designer but also bloody enjoy costuming theatre and comedy . I am wearing: A vintage coat that I got for $1 in an Op Shop a decade ago. The lining is my favourite colour and I usually never wear it fully on I like the silly little drama of an off the shoulder moment. Platform Nokwol boots because I wasn't allowed the Baby Spice Pulp platforms of my dreams when I was 8. Versace socks again my favourite blue, vintage shorts (that I trimmed down from pants, this is the best way to find/make good shorts) T-shirt from Cos and breaking brown belt from my brothers wedding six years ago - I like to wear things till they break. Gosh that's a really long answer sorry. Hope it can maybe edits down!


Sunday 27th March


Pru Pinfold and family -⁠ ⁠I am: Happy to be out and about again⁠.⁠ I am wearing: Some favourite finds.⁠


Mik Breitenbach -⁠ I am: I am a 22 year old human geographer, writer, and student. I study how people interact with space, and the structures which shape that experience. Having lived in the central city for multiple years, I am excited to have been able to take part in this project, particularly as it showcases the everyday-ness of fashion in Auckland.⁠ ⁠ I am wearing : I am wearing my go-to comfy fit for when it starts to get colder! ⁠


Shivaun LaHatte⁠ ⁠- I am: The main thing about me is that I love colour and making things out of beautiful fabrics for me and my family. ⁠I am wearing: A dress I made with ‘The Great Wave’ pattern by Katsushika Hokusai. After I made the dress, the ‘The Great Wave’ shoes popped up on my FB feed. Sometimes that algorithm is really cool. Jeans from Blue Illusion and top from Jean Jones. ⁠ ⁠


Luke and Tara ⁠-⁠ I am: Luke: professional glass blower, Tara: Construction supervisor.⁠⁠ I am wearing: Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo, classic air max 1s, vintage def Leppard tshirt, Louis Vuitton boots, vintage Karen walker jacket. ⁠


Laura Frank - I am: a 22 year old uni student and language teacher. I've moved around quite a bit. No matter what country I'm living in, I love to observe similarities and differences in people's styles. Clothes, makeup and jewellery allow me to feel like myself no matter where I move. Many of my pieces come with me wherever I go, but I love to find new items to express myself in new ways based on where I live. ⁠I am wearing: mostly second hand and gifted items. My jewellery is what means the most to me. It helps me to feel like myself no matter what else I'm wearing. I highly recommend buying from local businesses and second hand stores!⁠


Boopsie Maran (39), Luna Harris (10) Ruby Harris (8)⁠ - I am: I am the founder and director of urban strategy collective Places for Good. Together with kura (school) rangatahi (youth), and government we advocate for a more walkable and sustainable Tāmaki Makaurau. Ruby and Luna together with mum Boopsie do their best to skate to all the smoothest and coolest corners of the city.⁠ I am wearing: A Seed Heritage Jumpsuit with classic Anne Klein Heels. Along with my favourite accessory earring bought from the Garden Party on Ponsonby Road, Designed and made in New Zealand by Ronja of Bureau 55. My blonde daughter Luna is wearing a SHEIN top below her "Urban" double denim jumpsuit. Ruby is wearing our custom family t- shirts made for our entire family .. In Czech it says : "Bud'te Užitečný which translates to "Make yourself useful" -- A mantra we try to live by :).⁠


Jayne, Ava and Bjorn -⁠ I am: Happy to be in Auckland, out of covid lockdown. Ava is all about being creative, having fun and playing with colour. We are all fans of recycling fashion and we’re all wearing something that has been someone else’s treasure . Ava especially enjoys op shops and trade me and we all love lots of green in our lives, to ground us and remind us of our beautiful whenua. ⁠(Bjorn) I am wearing: My street wear.⁠


Clare⁠ ⁠- I am: Today I cycled into the city for a World of Cultures event. For me personal style is a form of self-expression. I favour a relaxed, comfortable style, natural fabrics, lots of colour. I love fossicking around op shops, repurposing recycled items. ⁠ ⁠ I am wearing: Doc Marten sandles, Coop by Trelise cooper t.shirt (breast cancer cure), jacket purchased in Melbourne years ago, Assembly label jeans⁠.


Barbara L Holloway ⁠- I am: Always excited to put together new and vintage garments and accessories highlighted with ethnic jewelry or textiles. Many of the accessories are connected and or gifted by people i love. Most of my looks are very affordable.⁠ I am wearing: An ecru quilted dress from H&M with a hand batiked silk scarf from Bali. .My sandals are by United Nude teamed with a Tongan bracelet and a very much treasured vintage Jean Paul Gaultier handbag purchased for a song from a designer in Cambodia.⁠


Sila Ioane and Joel Brodrick -⁠⁠ I am: Sila - Merchandise planner for Adrienne Whitewood/creator of Our Little Market. Joel: works in lighting for tv and film.⁠⁠ I am wearing: Sila - Shell necklace from Otara town centre with Moana pendant made by Luther Jewellers in Papatoetoe, Bag made by local self taught leather artist Abigail Brodrick, Fish and Kicks tee from local Pasifika label The Layers Platform, Lycra shorts from Our Little Market, green Uggs. Joel - Chris Heria hoodie, Def shorts, Ramones Socks, blue Vans.


Paulette and friend⁠ - I am: retired hairstylist 73years... always admired people who stand out from the crowd due to their creative style of dressing. ⁠I am wearing : My everyday clothes which have to be casual and comfortable⁠. ⁠


Maytte Bellido - I am: I am a fun ...free spirit woman ..love traveling, fashion, coffee good food wine and champagne, friends and family are very important to me. I love the excitement of everyday life ❤️ ⁠I am wearing: I am wearing a lovely dress from Augustine by Kelly Coe, shoes are from Prada and my lovely handbag from LV oh and my bright earrings, got them in Fiji.⁠


Marco & Carrie ⁠- I am: Trying not to take ourselves too seriously.⁠ I am wearing: Treasures acquired over time, touches of tasteful flair with a focus on sustainable fashion.⁠


Dominique de Give - I am: "What I am". I hope constantly evolving and growing.⁠ I am wearing: A cultural mash up. I love wearing and collecting clothing and jewelry from different cultures and countries. Although I am usually in black, I also love putting together colour stories. I am an avid op shopper and have been since Adam was a boy. Everything I have on is either second hand or made by me. Even the concho belt, which is Hopi Indian, is second hand (or more). It was made in the early 1900's and given to me as a wedding present eons ago. (I am still with him by the way).⁠


Carlina Goffe⁠ - I am: a goldsmith/silversmith.


Rose Jackson - I am: an ardent textile lover, a trustee for the NZFM, from a long line of crafty women, a treasure hunter, in love with the storytelling qualities inherent in clothing, a maker, a fan of vintage, secondhand and locally made, and someone who cares as much about the hand that made the garment as the garment itself.⁠ ⁠I am wearing: a brick red 1970s El Jay Ultra Suede coat, a black 1950s cashmere top, powder pink 1920s silk lounge pants entirely hand stitched with French seams and worn inside out so the lace trim is hidden, Moscot glasses, canvas high tops and a Kate Sylvester silk mix scarf that I won at Ensemble’s screening of Grey Gardens. ⁠


 Public Submissions


Rani R Nurrahmaya - I am: a mom and a fashion enthusiast. I am wearing: double-breasted blazer, rib bike shorts, loafers by H&M, tote bag by Ted Baker.


Hayley Smith - I am: in my spiritual home's backyard, Myers Park, where we embrace all and will do so long after gentrification comes and goes⁠. I am wearing: a custom made Toast Clothing Studio dress, made from a vintage sheet that a dear friend gave to me and then made into a dress by another delightful friend.⁠ I have 8 Toast dresses, made with love by Rhiannon, mostly made from vintage sheets.⁠ Toast dresses are so recogniseable that I have been stopped and asked by strangers many times, in many NZ cities, if I am wearing a Toast, in a conspiratorial tone. ⁠ On a bad day, when one has to face the world, it's the closest you can get to doing it from the safety of bed, in my vintage sheet dress.⁠


Mayra (10) - I am: dressed for mufti day⁠ I am wearing: Shoes - sketchers⁠, Legging - Intimo⁠, Shorts - supre from op shop⁠, White shirt - glassons⁠, Stripey Top - Farmers⁠.


Dhanak Humayun - I am: The most important thing is never stop loving yourself ... FASHION DESIGNER/MODEL/CLAIMS OFFICER/EVENT ORGANIZER. I am wearing: T-shirt and cap from RAKSHI'S DESIGN, it is handmade made in nz, pants from Zara, Bag from Polo, Glitter shoes from zara, No jewelry as I am a jewel.⁠ MY KIND OF STREET WEAR CAN NEVER BE BORING.⁠ Location - Papatoetoe Library, Auckland.⁠ Photographer: Thentic Media, Seshan Brice.


Dr. Boba Markovic Baluchova and 4yo daughter Tove Tui⁠ - I am: former fashion blogger (Balbo Debra Style), responsible journalist, researcher and lecturer, wife and mother - working on media literacy and community development projects in Aotearoa and Slovakia.⁠ I am wearing: As a colours lover, second hands enthusiast and sustainable fashion supporter I have always been visiting charity op shops and flea markets across Bratislava (my home town) and Tāmaki Makaurau (our second home town). Everything my daughter and me have on is either from second hand or upcycled by me. Except the sweatshirt: that was made by Slovak fashion designer @lenkasrsnova. These days we wear blue and yellow Ukraine-flag colours to show our support to Ukrainian people. 💙💛⁠


to fashion is the Fashion Museum's 12th anniversary project and pivots the framing of the fashion word from a noun to a verb; fashion as action. Hosted at The Pavilions on the Te Ara Tahuhu Walkway at Britomart in Auckland’s city centre, twelve individuals as diverse as poet Tayi Tibble, mental health advocate Sir John Kirwan, and K’road chronicler Six, were asked to fashion their own personal appearance in a way that expresses their identity, their culture, and their truth. To see more about the exhibition and its content, click here.