Andrew McMillan

New Zealand Fashion Museum · 'to fashion' Intro - Andrew McMillan

I am:

Musician/Improvisor/Composer/Sound Designer. Since winning the CWI cup for most indoor points at my Primary School's agricultural day in 1978, I have dedicated myself to creative practice. Despite that precocious stellar success - which consisted of a native bush arrangement, an animal or bird from nature, a sand saucer, and a papier mâché pig - it was not long before music and sound became my focus.

I am wearing:

Hat: bought from Strangely Normal, chosen with a lot of help from staff and my partner, Inda. T-shirt: Coloured cotton image of the African continent on white T-shirt gifted to me by Inda's half-sister, in Paris, designed for her own label, Ô Divines Couleurs by Iya. Jacket: bought online, Pounamu by Te Kaha, a gift from Inda. Black jeans: gifted to me by my partner's mother from Paris. Sneaks: Reebok, gifted from a great friend.


recorded and filmed by Robert George and The Raro Dog team, 2022.


Portrait by Edith Amituanai, 2022.

Last published March 2022.