HELLO: We are the New Zealand Fashion Museum

Past exhibition

Hello: We are the New Zealand Fashion Museum is a mini retrospective of our first four exhibitions - Looking Terrific, Black in Fashion, Home Sewn and The Age of Aquarius. Originally curated as part of the 2014 Fashion in the City Festival, the exhibition was designed to introduce the New Zealand Fashion Museum to a wider audience.

These unique and original fashion stories show the changing face of New Zealand society, each canvasing different aspects of our fashion heritage and exploring what our wardrobes reveal about ourselves. The Black in Fashion garments have been chosen to illustrate our relationship to wearing black and how that colour has come to define our New Zealand identity. Looking Terrific covers 50 years of high fashion style according to El Jay, while Home Sewn demonstrates the wealth of creativity that can be found in the domestic arena. Seventies styles and values of handcrafting and sustainability are brought sharply into focus by revisiting the originals in The Age of Aquarius.

Each mini exhibitions of garments is animated by a lively visual presentation devised by Dandy&Co using advanced digital mapping technology.

Curated by Doris de Pont.

Supported by Heart of the City, Waterfront Auckland, Purfex, Apparel Line, Office Furniture Hire, Dandy&Co, Image Centre Group, Big Colour.

Watch a video of the exhibition, Hello: We are the New Zealand Fashion Museum.

Garments in the exhibition

When & where

1 - 9 March 2014

Silo 6, Silo Park, Auckland