Golden Peacock gown

In 1961 Bruce Papas won the inaugural Golden Shears Awards with his Golden Peacock gown. The fabric for the gown cost £81, an astounding amount considering most haute couture gowns of the time sold for £30. Bruce had ordered 1.5 metres of the fabric for a fashion parade, but he decided to use it for the competition when the Milne & Choyce owners suggested that he enter. The name of the gown, Golden Peacock, was inspired by the fabric. It was sold to a Belgian pianist. "It had only been on display in the window at Milne & Choyce for 20 minutes! They called me and I had to jump in a taxi and rush over to meet her." 


Model Ana Nielson
Credit: Photo courtesy of Bruce Papas
Copyright: All rights reserved
Designer: Bruce Papas
Manufacturing location: Milne & Choyce, Auckland
Garment type: Evening gown
Purchase location: Milne & Choyce, Auckland
Label: Bruce Papos for Milne & Choyce
Date: 1961