Wedding dress with v-shaped waist seam

This dress is labelled with the name of the designer, Kathleen Fuller. The delicate, lustrous machine-made cotton lace used to make this gown features an all over design of large leaves and small dainty flowers. Kathleen has a love of detail, seen in the sensitive treatment of the neck and sleeve edges which follow the natural detailing of the lace fabric. Tiny gussets under the arms are another exquisite detail easily missed by the casual viewer but which would have provided for a perfectly smooth, fitted bodice. The V-shaped bodice provides a nod to Victorian fashions, as does the simple bell-shaped skirt. Two layers of underskirts help form the shape of the skirt, one of stiffened silk organza, the other of acetate. 


Copyright: Images © Rose Jackson
Designer: Kathleen Fuller
Manufacturing location: Levy Building, corner of Manners and Taranaki Streets, Wellington
Garment type: Wedding dress
Material: Cotton lace
Features: The dress has a v-shaped bodice, bell skirt and tiny gussets under the arm.
Colour: White
Purchase location: Minerva Salon
Label: Kathleen Fuller
Date: Circa 1939