We will be looking for volunteers for our Shrinking Swimsuit exhibition 26 February - 6 March 2016. This is a fabulous opportunity to get behind the scenes of an exhibition AND support the New Zealand Fashion Museum.

Please email us if you are interested in supporting the New Zealand Fashion Museum as a volunteer host.

The New Zealand Fashion Museum is for anyone with a love of fashion, heritage, innovation and creativity. With no fixed abode other than this online address, it is a museum dedicated to the curation of New Zealand’s rich fashion past, making it relevant for the present and future.

Established in 2010 as a Charitable Trust, it records and shares the stories of the people, objects and photographs that have contributed to the development of New Zealand's unique fashion identity. It makes them visible and accessible to a broad audience through pop-up exhibitions, publications and our online museum. Read more 


T: +64 9 376 0929
E: hello@nzfashionmuseum.org.nz