Two-piece dress with roll collar

The Siltex label was established by Polish refugee Maria Goodgeld in 1948. By 1958, she employed 50 staff, including the Siltex designer Jean Llewellyn who "worked her way up via what was then the most common route: machinist to cutter, cutter to cutter-designer, and eventually designer in her own right" (The Dress Circle, 2010, page 96).


Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Hayley Smith
Copyright: CC BY 4.0 International Licence
Designer: Jean Llewellyn
Manufacturing location: Wellington
Garment type: Two-piece dress
Material: Guipure lace, lining
Features: The overblouse is fully lined with bracelet sleeves and the under dress has a lining bodice and lace skirt. The collar and sleeve edge are in matching plain-weave silk.
Colour: Duck egg blue
Label: Siltex
Date: 1960s