Three-piece suit with zigzag stitch detail

This suit by His Lordships was worn by Ian Paterson when he got married in 1975. "It appealed because it bore some resemblance to the suit worn by Robert Redford on the poster for the Great Gatsby movie from 1974," Ian says. His Lordships was a Wellington label, started by Gerry Broughan. He had worked as a tailor on Carnaby Street in London before coming home to set up his own business. The His Lordships boutique was located on Manners Street in Wellington and by 1967, there were two more His Lordships in Christchurch and Auckland. The tie is labelled Picasso and was made by John Webster. They were located at 16 Exmouth Street in Auckland.


Model Nathan Crocker
Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Ian Paterson
Copyright: CC BY 4.0 International Licence
Copyright: Image © Ian Paterson
Designer: Gerry Broughan (suit)
Manufacturing location: Wellington (suit), Auckland (tie)
Garment type: Three-piece suit, shirt, tie
Features: The suit has tight fit flared trousers with deep cuffs and no pockets. The jacket and waistcoat edges are  finished with contrasting dark brown stitched zigzag detail. The jacket has a patterned lining. The rounded shape in the pockets is echoed in the scooped front of the waistcoat. The tie is typical of the era - wide and bold,  designed to work with the expansive and flamboyant collars and jacket lapels.
Colour: Tan with dark brown stitching (suit)
Label: His Lordship (suit), John Webster (tie)
Date: 1975