Schéhérzade gown with twin train

Malcolm Harrison won second place in the 1962 Gown of the Year competition with his entry,  'Schéhérzade'. The gown was inspired by an entry from the previous year 'Fleur d’Or' by Pour Vous and was based on a picture of the set for the ballet Schéhérzade which he had seen when he was 13. It was a soft green satin sheath style dress with a twin train which could be draped around the shoulders as a stole. The train featured striking and elaborate Jacobean style embroidery and beading which Malcolm did himself, a prelude to the art practice he moved onto in the following decades.  


Designer: Malcolm Harrison
Garment type: Evening gown
Material: Satin
Features: Featured embroidery and beading
Colour: Soft green
Label: Malcolm Harrison
Date: 1962