Men's linen shirt & denim shorts

When Finn McCahon-Jones was a teenager, he tagged along to fashion shops with a neighbour who was "extremely aware of his look". Finn was a big fan of Workshop and lusted after their black/white denim. These denim shorts are cut down from his first pair of Workshop jeans from the early 2000s. "They have been worn, torn, cutdown and mended. They have become so soft and fragile that I have to carefully step into them to preserve their worn out perfection." The shirt is also by Workshop. "Wearing it in summer is amazing, it catches the wind and billows around."


Model Nathan Crocker
Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Finn McCahon-Jones
Copyright: CC BY 4.0 International Licence
Designer: Chris Cherry
Garment type: Shirt, shorts
Material: Linen (shirt), shorts (denim)
Features: The shirt has tight short sleeves that do up at the wrist, and a ballooning body, short at the front and long at the back. It has mother of pearl buttons.
Colour: White (shirt), faded black (shorts)
Purchase location: Workshop
Label: Workshop
Date: 1990s (shirt), early 2000s (shorts)