Grey t-shirt & striped men's shorts

These Little Brother shorts & Huffer t-shirt belong to Dan Ahwa. "This is me on my bike at Mission Bay. As a child we also used to drive to Long Bay or Wenderholm and pitch a tent. In 5th form we went on a leadership camp at Pakiri Beach. I remember riding a horse for the first time along that beach and thinking how special that moment was. The West Coast beaches are another favourite, simply because there’s nowhere else like it in the world. Some of my favourite memories are my 6th form art trips to Muriwai to sketch the gannet colony and my first photo shoot at Bethell’s with Richard Orjis and models dressed like Amish folk. Another shoot with Russ Flatt in Piha mixed traditional Maori clothing with English military uniforms, all set to the background of black sand and rugged terrain.  Not only is the beach a source of creative inspiration, but beaches are the most relaxing place to be and is somewhere where you’ll always find peace of mind. It gives your brain time to think and when coming up with ideas every day is part of your job, the beach offers welcome respite."


Credit: Courtesy of Dan Ahwa (shorts) & Patrick Flannery (t-shirt)
Credit: Courtesy of Dan Ahwa (shorts) & Patrick Flannery (tshirt)
Designer: Murray Crane (shorts) & Steve Dunstan (t-shirt)
Maker: Little Brother (shorts) & Huffer (t-shirt)
Manufacturing location: China
Garment type: Shorts & tshirt
Material: Cotton seersucker (shorts) & Cotton (t-shirt)
Features: Huffer stencil print on tshirt
Colour: Blue, white & grey
Label: Little Brother (shorts) & Huffer (t-shirt)
Date: 2011