Floral sundress & bolero jacket

This Horrockses dress was manufactured in New Zealand under licence by California Productions (NZ) Ltd. The British label, Horrockses Fashions, was founded in England in 1946. It was a household name by the 1950s and the brand was given the royal warrant in the 1960s. The recent revival of vintage fashion prompted the label to produce a range of bed linen featuring some of the original prints. This dress belonged to Phyllis Leitch who owned another Horrockses dress with a rose and trellis print.


Credit: Courtesy of Sera Mitchinson
Credit: Courtesy of Sera Mitchinson
Designer: Unknown
Manufacturing location: Made in New Zealand by California Productions
Garment type: Sundress, jacket
Material: Printed cotton
Features: The dress is gathered around the bust. It has blue piping detail.
Colour: White, green, blue, yellow
Label: Horrockses
Date: 1950s