Embroidered wool coat with fur trim

This coat was part of Jane Avery's debut collection for her label, Lapin. Jane re-purposed an embroidered wool dupatta (shawl) from Pakistan to make the coat, which is trimmed with wild rabbit fur. Jane's use of wild rabbit fur aligns with her goal to use sustainable materials in her garments. She works with Dunedin furrier, Mooneys, to prepare the furs for use. The placement of the fur panels on the shoulders, collar, sleeve caps and cuffs increases the warmth of the coat. 


Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Jane Avery
Designer: Jane Avery
Manufacturing location: Dunedin
Garment type: Coat
Material: Silk embroidered wool, wild rabbit fur
Features: The coat is made from embroidered wool, repurposed from a Pakistani dupatta, and trimmed with fur.
Colour: Orange, black
Label: Lapin
Date: 2016