Company of Strangers


Sara Munro’s Company of Strangers label balances a hard edge look with sexy femininity in the shapes she creates and the fabrics she chooses to work with.

Having completed an Otago Polytechnic fashion degree, Sara first worked as an outworker for NOM*d hand stitching rosettes made from mens’ vintage ties in her Wellington flat. After a stint adapting patterns in a Wellington workroom she returned to Dunedin to be a sample maker at NOM*d, where she spent six years honing her knowledge and skills. She has also practised photography and designed jewellery, bags and leather wear (Otago Daily Times, 3 April 2014).

Company of Strangers was born in 2008 and her Dunedin retail outlet opened in 2013. Sara loves building interesting creative relationships, and often collaborates with other designers including Harley Jones on prints, Anne Meike Ytsma and her Underground Sundae jewellery, Dr Margo Barton for millinery and Chaos and Harmony for footwear.

Text by Jane Malthus. Banner image by Jane Dawber, © Otago Daily Times.

Last published March 2015.

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