Black lace evening gown with taffeta lining

Ninette Gowns opened in the Hallensteins Building on Queen Street in Auckland. By 1937 the owner and designer, Flora MacKenzie, had moved her salon to a more prestigious address on the corner of Vulcan Lane and Queen Street.


Credit: Evening gown, circa 1931, Auckland, by Flora MacKenzie, maker unknown. Gift of Joan Schnauer, 2011. CC BY-NC-ND licence. Te Papa (GH016960)
Copyright: This work is licenced under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND New Zealand License
Designer: Flora MacKenzie
Manufacturing location: Hallensteins Building, Queen Street, Auckland
Garment type: Evening gown
Material: Lace (probably rayon) with synthetic taffeta lining and trim
Colour: Black, mauve
Label: Ninette Gowns
Date: Circa 1931