Yanny Split winning white wool ensemble, 1990

In 1990, Yanny Split won the Wool Section with this ensemble, as de Pont describes, "an outfit with a pagoda silhouette; wide pants, an A-line tunic and a cropped jacket - all in white wool". There was considerable irony in the fact that "not a hint of colour or embellishment" was apparent, seeing as much of Yanny's work frequently involved a multi-colour and multi-textured approach.

Throughout the 1990s and beyond Yanny's work continued to appear at the Benson & Hedges awards - subsequently rebranded the New Zealand Smokefree Fashion Awards - with 13 nominations in total.


Credit: Garment image loan courtesy of Alan Coates.
Copyright: Image © Yanny Split
Designer: Yanny Split
Garment type: Ensemble featuring a blazer, pants, and tunic blouse
Material: Wool
Features: Tiered effect created by the layered hemlines, and accentuated by the use of a single colour
Colour: White
Last published: Dec 2023
Date: 1990