Walk the Walk: A history of fashion in the city

Past exhibition

Where were Dior originals made in Auckland? Who was the fashion designer that became one of New Zealand’s most famous madams? Who made Trelise Cooper’s wedding dress? Walk the Walk uncovers these and many more fascinating stories about Auckland’s fashionable past.

Walk the Walk reveals the traces that remain of Auckland’s central city fashion history. Peeling back the layers of this often overlooked aspect of our cultural heritage this exhibition paints a fascinating picture of the making and selling of fashion in the city and illuminates it through garments and architecture.  

While there is a general perception that women had an ancillary rather than a leading role in society prior to the women’s liberation movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the story of Walk the Walk debunks that myth. In this record of history there is ample evidence that many women have taken a strong and often unconventional role in establishing and running fashion enterprises.  

Made up of three strands; an exhibition of locally made garments, a live fashion parade that includes local emerging designers and a guided walking tour of fashion related buildings in the city, Walk the Walk is both a record and celebration of our history.

The guided walking tour is the backbone of Walk the Walk. Led by a personal guide or as a self guided app it traverses more than 150 years of history within half a kilometre, offering a glimpse into the lives and stories of the people who established and advanced the city’s fashion credentials.

Curated by Doris de Pont and Kelly Dix.

Supported by Smith & Caughey’s, El Jay NZ Ltd, Vanity Walk, Clyne Model Management, 62 Models, Bintang Models, Servilles Academy, MAC Cosmetics,
Foundation North, Auckland Council, Heart of the City and Waitematā Local Board.

Watch a video of the Walk the Walk exhibition, walking tour and live fashion parade.

Garments in the exhibition

When & where

22 March - 1 April 2017

Smith & Caughey's, Auckland