Wool velour coat with double buttons

This coat was gifted to the Otago Museum by Helen Auld. She wanted her garments to go to Dunedin as an acknowledgment to the important part that Rae Vernon, her teacher at the Otago Home Sciences School, played in her family’s life. Three generations of women in Helen Auld’s family attended the Otago School.

Read more about Gus Fisher and the El Jay label in the New Zealand Fashion Museum publication Looking Terrific: The story of El Jay.


Credit: Otago Museum
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Maker: El Jay (Gus Fisher)
Garment type: Coat
Material: Wool velour
Features: The collar laps over with double buttons.
Label: Christian Dior by El Jay
Date: Circa 1960