White ensemble with navy trim

Peter Nola founded Peppertree Fashions in 1967. As well as designing for New Zealand women, he also entered the arena of corporate apparel. "We made men’s and women’s jackets, pants and skirts for big banks like National Bank, ANZ Bank, Countrywide Bank … as well as airlines like Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand and Ansett Australia," Peter said. "It became quite a big section of the industry." This nautical-inspired ensemble was made in 1990 - the year that Peppertree designed New Zealand's uniform for the Commonwealth Games.


Credit: Courtesy of Betsy Benjamin
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Peppertree
Garment type: Short-sleeved shirt and matching pleated skirt
Colour: White with navy trim
Exhibition: Occasion: Iconic New Zealand Fashion with a touch of glamour! 1965 - 1975 at Waiheke Community Art Gallery July 2015
Label: Peppertree
Date: 1990