Wedding dress with high Edwardian neckline

In the 1960s, fashion parades played an important role in the promotion of a designer. There was an active network of fashion promoters who arranged larger public parades. Paddy Walker was one of these promoters, and her daughter Michal Walker started modelling in her mother's parades at an early age. This wedding dress by Babs Radon was the finale in a show held at the 246 Shopping Centre on Queen Street in February 1968.


Photographer: Unknown
Model Michal Walker
Credit: Photo courtesy of Barbara Herrick
Copyright: Image © Barbara Herrick
Designer: Barbra Herrick
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Wedding dress
Material: Organza, lace
Features: Long-sleeved lace trim bodice, high neckline
Colour: White
Label: Babs Radon
Date: 1968