Waistcoat swimsuit & striped beach jacket

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“My mum (Jillian Easto) was only 28 when she finished having us four kids, quite typical in the ’60s I believe. I was born in 1963. I remember her wearing this swimsuit when we were little. We used to holiday for two weeks just after Christmas every year at Paihia with my mum’s parents and her maternal grandmother as well. Often other family members and friends would come up too. I vividly remember loving all the activity, oblivious as kids normally are to what the strains of accommodating all these people must have been. We all remember such fun and laughter – the fishing, being rowed around in a dingy by Dad or Pop, visiting rock pools and famous historical sites, seeing the big game fish coming in and being weighed and, of course, the beach. Back home in Auckland it was usually Dad who would take us to the beach, but on holiday Mum would come too. However, she had a great aversion to cold water and rarely swam, so we all agree that this swimsuit was unlikely to have ever been in the sea!” – Linden Hoverd.


Credit: Courtesy of Linden Hovard (swimsuit) & Dion and Kaye Coleman (jacket)
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Unknown
Maker: Watersun (swimsuit) & St Mark - Woolworths house brand (jacket)
Manufacturing location: New Zealand
Garment type: Swimsuit & jacket
Material: Bri-nylon (swimsuit) & cotton (jacket)
Features: Buttons on front bodice of swimsuit & striped print on jacket
Colour: Black, mustard, red & blue
Label: Watersun (swimsuit) & St Mark - Woolworths house brand (jacket)
Date: 1960s