TEAL black dress uniform

This black dress uniform worn by TEAL Flight Hostesses was designed by David Jones of Sydney. The garments were all made to measure for each hostess in Sydney ensuring a perfect fit. The fitted single-breasted black jacket tapered in at the waist as was the style of the time and featured a half wings metal badge on left breast and had no pockets. The skirt was straight and fell to just below knee with inverted pleats on the left side front and right side back for ease of movement. 'A Glengarry cap with full wings metal badge finished the outfit, which the ladies were very proud of, no other hostesses around the world wore full wings, it was usually only allowed to be worn by pilots' added former flight hostess Janet Beech in 2014. Women's hats were worn inflight so passengers could easily identify the crew. Caption: Steward wearing double-breasted black jacket with six gold buttons, NZ Service ribbons and TEAL embroidered emblem. White cotton shirt with black trousers and black tie. Stewards hat had white top with black fabric brim and plastic cap, embroidered badge with TA (Tasman Airways) centre front.


Credit: Text by Air New Zealand
Copyright: Photo © Air New Zealand
Designer: David Jones
Maker: David Jones
Manufacturing location: Sydney, Australia
Garment type: Jacket, blouse and skirt with matching accessories
Material: Wool
Colour: Black
Label: David Jones
Date: 1950 - 1957