Te Warewhare Whakapau

'Te Warewhare Whakapau' is part of a 10 piece collection designed by Fiona Clements for her label Senorito AweSUMO. The collection was made from materials gathered from Dunedin's local landfill, recycle centres and commercial waste. "Designers serve their community by providing solutions to problems. I create garments that are beautiful, and up-cycle fabric that would otherwise be landfill. 'Te Warewhare Whakapau' was made to spread awareness about our consumer culture and to show how wasteful the fashion industry currently is." Fiona showed this dress at iD Dunedin in 2012.



Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Credit: Photo by Chris Sullivan.
Copyright: Photo © Fiona Clements, All rights reserved.
Designer: Fiona Clements
Manufacturing location: Waitati, Dunedin
Material: Warehouse flag, silk shirts, fabric scraps, tulle, banner material, lace, cotton thread, embroidery thread, buttons, wool, plastic toys, cardboard, glue, zip, boning, lining, cotton fabric, #8 wire, ribbon
Features: The garment features a flag that has been folded and stitched into the body form. Toys have been attached to the garment.
Colour: Red, white, black
Label: Senorito Awesumo
Date: 2012