Striped towelling top

Frank Carpay began experimenting with screenprinting on white towelling in the early 1960s. He worked with his wife Carla to make and sell beach towels printed with modern motifs and geometric patterns. The success of the prints prompted the Carpays to invite their friend, Robert Leek, to design a range of beach clothing using their printed towelling. Robert's sister Else van den Muysenbergh modelled Carpay garments during a photoshoot in 1965.


Photographer: Ted Mahieu
Model Else van den Muysenbergh
Credit: Photo courtesy of Else van den Muysenbergh
Designer: Frank Carpay (print), Robert Leek (garment)
Manufacturing location: Titirangi, Auckland
Garment type: Top
Material: Cotton towelling
Label: Carpay
Date: 1965