Ship ahoy white and navy polkadot shift dress

This dress by Top Gear combines the use of colour blocking, polkadot print, and appliquéd navy trim to create a fun and flirty daytime frock, from the late 1960s. Though more demure than some of the wildly short hems of this era, this dress shows how the going trends were adapted to garments which would be more wearable by the everyday woman. The synthetic, crimplene textured cream fabric makes an attempt at mimicking the texture of cotton, showing the novel ways that this newly developed textile could be used. The polyester fibre content of the skirt also allows the sunray pleats to be heat set in, making them permanent.


Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Stephanie King, Painted Bird Vintage
Copyright: Images © Painted Bird Vintage
Manufacturing location: New Zealand
Garment type: Day dress
Material: Synthetic, crimplene/polyester
Features: Polkadot skirt and matching collar, navy appliquéd banded trim on bodice
Colour: White, navy
Last published: January 2022
Label: Top Gear