Red patent bodysuit & tutu

Doris de Pont was invited to create an outfit for the 1986 Christmas issue of ChaCha magazine. This bodysuit and tutu had another appearance the following year, photographed outside the Auckland Museum. It was also reinterpreted in 2013 as 'Zealandia' for an exhibition, Mannequin March curated by Lopdell House in Auckland.


Photographer: Kerry Brown
Model Toni Elford (Ursula Hufnagl)
Copyright: Image © Kerry Brown and ChaCha magazine
Photographer: Kerry Brown
Copyright: Image © Kerry Brown
Designer: Doris de Pont
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Bodysuit, tutu
Material: Patent PVC (bodysuit), nylon tulle, pipe cleaners (tutu)
Features: The bodysuit has cutaway shoulders and the tutu is edged with pipecleaners.
Colour: Red (bodysuit), shades of pink and red (tutu)
Label: Design Doris de Pont
Date: 1988