Red leather platforms with wood soles

The Andrea Biani shoe brand had its beginnings when John Perillo made a few pairs of shoes in the shed of his mother's house in New Lynn. After John sold his first samples to a retailer on Queen Street, he set up a business, Perillo's, with three of his brothers. Perillo's built up a reputation in the industry for their 'Beatle boot' design, and later ventured into women's shoes under the label Andrea Biani.


Credit: Image courtesy of Te Papa (GH007567). Woman's shoes, 1950-1970, maker Andrea Biani Shoes Limited; circa 1970.
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Unknown
Manufacturing location: New Lynn
Garment type: Shoes
Material: Leather (upper), wood (sole)
Colour: Red
Label: Andrea Biani
Date: Circa 1970