Red cotton t-shirt & A-line skirt

After a decade of designing under the Silkroad label, Susan Scarf relaunched her business under her own name in 2002. Her store was located in Vulcan Lane, in central Auckland, for 13 years. Genevieve de Pont discovered Silkroad as a teenager in the late 1990s. She used to trawl stores with her friends in search of cheap and interesting CDs, earrings and t-shirts "which were the only garments we could afford". She bought this t-shirt when she was at university and had a part time job. A couple of years later she bought this skirt, which was labelled with Susan's new label, 'Susan Scarf'. "I loved the way that the print on this skirt was untraditional for a botanical. The dark grey-on-black meant that it was neutral enough to pair with one of my bright, patterned tops."


Credit: Courtesy of Genevieve de Pont
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Susan Scarf
Garment type: T-shirt, skirt
Material: Cotton (t-shirt)
Colour: Red (t-shirt), black/gunmetal grey (skirt)
Purchase location: Silkroad, Vulcan Lane, Auckland
Label: Silkroad
Date: 2001 (t-shirt), 2004 (skirt)