Recycled wool blanket suit

This suit by Bruno Harding was his 'Costume to bind one to a sustained style' in the New Zealand Fashion Museum exhibition, Intellectual Fashion Show 2016. Made from recycled movers' blankets and a painter's cloth, Bruno describes it as a suit of the times, a suit of conventionality, an unsustainable style from a sustainable idea. One cannot bind oneself to this style as this style cannot be sustained. "This costume allows oneself to be bound to a sustained style in a sustainable fashion. What is it about blankets that feels so good?  It is more the idea than the feel, which is not as soft as I remember. Is it the weight or the warmth? Is it the hospital ward pastel checks and stripes? Or is it because I can crawl under my own blankets and peacefully resign myself from my thoughts?"


Photographer: Fraser Chatham
Model Toby Raine
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Bruno Harding
Garment type: Men's suit
Material: 100% recycled New Zealand movers’ blankets (main fabric), tablecloth turned painters’ cloth turned binding and pocket bags
Colour: Grey, red
Label: Bruno Harding
Date: 2016