Printed men's beach jacket & blue shorts

These shorts were made by E L Riley Ltd, who were located on May Road in Mt Roskill, Auckland. The business produced industrial clothing, including more than 7000 pairs of Tufguy jeans a week. Owned by cousins Lionel and Harry Melzer, the company was in the unique position of holding a large number of fabric import licences in recognition of their work manufacturing uniforms during the war. By the 1960s, when these shorts were made, Riley was also designing gaments for the fashion industry.


Credit: Courtesy of Dianne Ludwig (jacket) & Clare Glass (shorts)
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Unknown
Maker: Speedo (jacket) & Riley (shorts)
Manufacturing location: New Zealand
Garment type: Jacket & shorts
Material: Cotton towelling (jacket)
Features: Print on jacket
Colour: Black, white, yellow, green & blue
Label: Speedo (jacket) & Riley (shorts)
Date: 1950s