Plaid silk dress

Linda Evans made this dress to wear to her daughter's wedding in 2009. She searched all over Auckland for the right fabric, finally deciding on the plaid silk. "I had no idea how I was going to make it up. So after days of looking at it I finally came up with the idea of using it on the bias and then the ideas just flowed." Handworked detail on a garment is a typical finishing touch for Linda. She chose autumn leaves for the autumn wedding, and added an insect brooch amongst the leaves. To go with the dress, Linda made a brown fur stole, a tan clutch purse and she dyed some gloves brown to match.


Credit: Photo by Linda Evans.
Copyright: Photo © Linda Evans, All rights reserved
Designer: Linda Evans
Maker: Linda Evans
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Special occasion dress
Material: Silk
Features: Bias cut with a generous bustle over the skirt and hand appliquéd and beaded autumn leaves on the bodice & skirt
Colour: Tan/black plaid
Label: Linda Evans
Date: 2009