Organdy wedding dress

This white organdy wedding dress was made by Isabel Haworth of Hadny 5 for Cecilie Neill's marriage to Michael Geary in Auckland in 1968. The fabric was purchased at Smith & Caughey's. Cecilie also wore a hat made by Kaye-Marie Millinery in Vulcan Lane. The fabric-covered shoes, made to order by David Elman, came from John Greer, also in Vulcan Lane.


Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Copyright: Image © Cecilie Geary
Designer: Isabel Haworth
Manufacturing location: Swanson Street, Auckland
Garment type: Wedding dress
Material: Organdy
Colour: White
Purchase location: Swanson Street, Auckland
Label: Hadny 5
Date: 1968