NAC lollipop uniform

In 1970 NAC, New Zealand's domestic airline, introduced a versatile flight hostess uniform, incorporating an all-season short sleeved crimplene dress, a collarless jacket, and a woollen coat. Nicknamed the 'Lollipop' uniform, it was specifically designed to appeal to young people. The A-line minidresses came in four colour schemes - spring green or cherry red with white trim and white with red or green trim. The uniform was worn with a distinctive colour matched helmet-shaped hat made by Treister Hats, knee-high white boots, or navy loafers, white gloves and they carried a navy leather handbag. Rank was shown on the small badges worn at the centre front of the neckline. Vertical blue bars on the badge designated the rank with a single bar for juniors and double lines for senior staff.


Credit: Text sourced from Air New Zealand
Copyright: Photo © Air New Zealand
Credit: Text by Air New Zealand, photo from Archives NZ
Copyright: Photo © CC BY 2.0
Garment type: Dress, coat and matching accessories
Material: Crimplene (dress and jacket), wool (coat)
Features: A-line dress has princess line seams
Label: Treister (hat)
Date: 1970