Match printed perspex bonnet

Margo Barton moved to Sydney in 1980 where she studied fashion design, including millinery, at The Dress Design Studio at East Sydney Technical College. The bonnet is part of a series, Hatch, Match and Dispatch, inspired by a baby’s bonnet discarded from the Queensland National Trust. It was made as part of the eCHO project at Queensland University of Technology in 2003. Margo describes it as the first piece that allowed her to take her design process from the computer and plant it back in the physical world. "The Perspex bonnet is an extension of the body, I love the ambiguity, and that in some lights it is hard for the viewer to see where the human or cyborg finishes and the bonnet starts – are they one?" After designing the Hatch, Match and Dispatch series, Margo created a collection for Doris de Pont’s Lets Gather Here collection, shown at New Zealand Fashion week in 2003. "It also marked the point when I decided to move away from splitting my practice between digital and traditional processes and materials, to stop trying to represent straw or felt in the computer, and instead to embrace the futuristic immaterial materiality no matter where it existed."



Copyright: All Rights Reserved, Image © Margo Barton
Designer: Margo Barton
Garment type: Bonnet
Material: Printed moulded perspex, leather strap trim
Colour: Black
Label: Margo Barton
Date: 2003