Ma is white ensemble

This ensemble by Shona Tawhiao was part of her 2017 collection, Te Rito. Shona's use of white is rare for the designer, who often uses black and red in her collections, strong colours that enhance the beauty of her preferred materials of woven harakeke flax fibres. The tāniko print is a vinyl cut design, heat pressed on the top. The weaving patterns are poutama and patikitiki. Her design is worn with a pendant by Neil Adcock.


Photographer: Mara Sommer
Model Layla Dole
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Shona Tawhiao
Manufacturing location: Mount Maunganui
Garment type: Dress, headpiece
Material: Parka nylon (top, skirt, scarf), korari flax flowers (headpiece)
Colour: White
Label: Tawhiao
Date: 2017