Loop pile jacket & velvet flares

Wendy Ganley made this jacket in about 1970 before her daughter Aleida was born. "The inspiration was a hankering for a fur coat which was a nice idea but not realistic. This was the substitute." The coat was made by a weaver from Hamilton. She and her husband were pensioners who had returned to New Zealand several weeks too late to be eligible for the pension. She made this coat for Wendy, and also bags with woven bottoms. The wool was hand spun from natural sheep's wool and woven into loops. The loops were originally going to be cut, but when they got started, Wendy loved the loftly look. The shape was determined by the weaving constrictions. "I remember wearing it when I was pregnant. I must have looked like a bus – all out front with a full length jersey dress underneath." Wendy recalls that the fabric for the pants was "a bit out there for that time".


Credit: Courtesy of Wendy Ganley (jacket) and Kathie Figgins (pants)
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Wendy Ganley
Manufacturing location: Hamilton
Garment type: Jacket, flared pants
Material: Wool (jacket), printed panné velvet (pants)
Colour: Cream (jacket), yellow, orange, green, black (pants)
Purchase location: Elle Boutique, Hamilton
Label: Elle
Date: Circa 1970