House of IMAN - Fashioning Assembly Aotearoa

Led by a Samoan Fa’afafine Transgender woman and multifaceted artist, Mother IMAN also known as Jaycee Tanuvasa, the House of IMAN is a family birthed out of Aotearoa ballroom culture in 2017.

The IMANS are known for their activism for queer POC marginalised communities as well as their fashion, creativity, productions, and their iconic and inspiring statements both in Australia and Aotearoa(New Zealand) ballroom.

Sam Ioane Samau is the godfather of the house and he presents some of the newest designs for his FOB label.  IMANS Vincent, Tony and Seko create a performance and showcase Sam's take on pacific wear for your modern-day island boy. Although shown at recent ballroom events, Sam says his work is open for everyone to serve.



To see more of House of IMAN's many different creative outlets, follow them @houseofiman_ on Instagram.



Fashioning Assembly Aotearoa is supported by the city centre targeted rate. 

Global Fashioning Assembly 2022 is supported by the Creative Industries fund NL. 


insta: @globalfashioningassembly