Harem pant & sash

Fanny Buss started printing fabric in the 1950s and over time two of her daughters, two grandchildren and several dressmakers joined the collective. Although Fanny died in 1986, some of her family continued to design under her name. This harem pant and sash was designed by her grandson Martin Trusttum who says he learnt block and screen printing techniques from his grandmother. It was photographed for an editorial for Fashion Quarterly magazine in 1989.


Photographer: Ken Middleton
Credit: Image from Fashion Quarterly, Summer 1989/1990
Copyright: Image © Fashion Quarterly
Designer: Martin Trusttum
Manufacturing location: Christchurch
Garment type: Sash top, harem pant
Material: Silk
Features: The silk has been hand-printed with gold.
Colour: Sapphire blue, gold
Label: Fanny Buss
Date: 1989