Hand-knitted jumper & shorts

Anthea Tucker knitted this jumper with two wooden 10mm needles given to her by her grandmother. She used a "very basic" plain stitch. "I drew a flat pattern in miniature scale and measured in centimetres how big I wanted the hip width and the length through the body and went from there. Each piece that I knit starts in this way. I start out with a very loose approximation of how I envisage the end result but it makes the knitting process more interesting for me as I have no guide accept the 3D image in my mind of how I want it to look. Each yarn responds differently to the tension you apply, or the needles you use, and to me knitting is an organic process so controlling each angle to the millimetre feels very unnatural."

The style of knitting has no reference to the cable style which is "Aran", but references the fisherman jumpers worn by the Irishmen fishing off the coast of Aran in Western Ireland (around the time of the late 1800s). It is part of her collection, Ant'Homme ll


Credit: Courtesy of Anthea Tucker
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Anthea Tucker
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Jumper, shorts
Material: Wool (80% mohair, 15% merino wool, 5% nylon)
Features: The style is an oversized fit, and although over time the yarn will give a slight felted effect with wear. The yarn is hand dyed in Rotorua, hence the irregular colour depth.
Colour: Charcoal smoke grey
Exhibition: Elle and the Youthquake: The changing face of fashion (Auckland, October 2014)
Label: Anthea
Date: 2014