Halter-neck bathing suit with seaweed print

After leaving the Tigermoth collective, Daphne Mitten opened her own boutique in West Lynn. Inspired by her love of nature, Daphne screenprinted a range of soft furnishings and clothing, including this bathing suit which features a seaweed print and a mermaid that plays on the iconic Jantzen diving girl label. This suit was hugely popular with women with curves who had matured beyond the desire to be seen in a thigh-high cut suit.


Credit: Image courtesy of Daphne Britten
Copyright: Image © Daphne Mitten
Designer: Daphne Mitten
Manufacturing location: West Lynn, Auckland
Garment type: Bathing suit
Features: Screen printing
Purchase location: Daphne Mitten, West Lynn, Auckland
Label: Daphne Mitten
Date: 1980s