Fashioning Assembly Aotearoa


Fashioning Assembly Hui Auaha o Aotearoa is our contribution to the Global Fashioning Assembly 2022, a gathering of global fashion makers that reaches across disciplines and geographical boundaries to recognise how diverse fashion is. It is an ongoing conversation.

In Aotearoa today, many people are engaged with the kaupapa (principles) and mahi (work) of decolonising the fashion landscape and expanding our understanding of the diverse ways we fashion our identity through how we dress and adorn ourselves. In this first step towards creating an assembly of local fashion practitioners who are working in the decolonial space, this project seeks to create a safe space for people to come together, to take the time to share, to be humble, teachable and respectful and to share in some of that mahi and the people who are doing it. 

Our inaugural hui was shared in person and online as part of the Global Fashioning Assembly 2022 and was framed around four main themes: 

Crafting Culture; ways of re-addressing, reclaiming, and renewing indigenous making, 

Fashion Rethought; more than just clothes, considering hair, accessories, tattoo, and other aspects of fashioning the whole person

Connective Threads; embracing group work, collaborations, and collective making practices      

Fashioning the Future; creating access to market and economically sustainable models of fashioning.


We invite you to watch this short reel of the Fashioning Assembly Hui Auaha o Aotearoa as it unfolded on the day:

For more about the participants and their contributions, check out the related stories below. 

Fashioning Assembly Aotearoa was supported by the City Centre targeted rate. 

Global Fashioning Assembly 2022 was supported by the Creative Industries fund NL. 


insta: @globalfashioningassembly 




When & where

Global Fashioning Assembly  21-23 October 2022: 36 hours, over 3 days, online and in person. 


Aotearoa session live at Auckland Central Library, Friday 21 October 2022