Fleur d'Or evening gown

In 1961, Colleen Frei and Joy Gerbic, entered the New Zealand Gown of the Year competition with this figure-hugging sheath, 'Fleur d’Or'. They had founded their fashion label, Pour Vous, three years earlier. Their design stood out among the flamboyant gowns on show but it was a full-skirted blue velvet and guipure lace gown that was proclaimed gown of the year. The 1961 Miss New Zealand contestant, Leone Main, wore 'Fleur d’Or' in the final judging event of Miss World in London. Despite not placing in the Gown of the Year competition, The Truth commented that "Fleur d’Or eventually proved its worth and achieved more worldwide fame than any other gown in the competition".


Copyright: Image © Joy Nisbet
Copyright: Image © unknown
Designer: Joy Gerbic, Colleen Frei
Manufacturing location: 38 Airedale Street, Auckland
Garment type: Evening dress
Label: Pour Vous
Date: 1961