Felted wool coffin dress

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words and sometimes a garment can do the same. Nour Hassan’s graduation collection sought to give expression to her concern about the status of Palestine and for its people. The oft-cited "dark, edgy and intellectual" of New Zealand fashion here finds radical expression that has synergies with the practice of British-Turkish Cypriot designer Hussein Chalayan, who sees the body as the ultimate cultural symbol. 'Cont.', which is the title of this collection, can also be seen as an expression of the continuing development and the rich cultural diversity that the next generation of designers brings to New Zealand fashion. Read more about wearing the colour black in the New Zealand Fashion Museum publication Black: The history of black in fashion, society and culture in New Zealand.


Credit: Nour Hassan, photograph of model by Hannah Richards
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Nour Hassan
Garment type: Dress
Material: Felted wool, aluminium frame, metal press studs
Colour: Black
Label: Nour
Date: 2010