Evening dress with ostrich feather trim

This evening dress was designed in 1978, not long before Barbara Herrick closed her Babs Radon label. By the 1970s youth styles had become a firm driver within the New Zealand fashion scene, and the careful tailoring and structure central to Babs Radon was giving way to a looser, more fluid line. Barbara decided to retire her label allowing it to remain as it had been known – an icon of New Zealand style and elegance. The fitted undergown, self-fabric belt and hand-sewn zip are typical of her Druleigh College training, which focused on pattern-making, cutting, construction and finishing techniques.  


Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Barbara Herrick
Designer: Barbara Herrick
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Evening dress
Material: Chiffon (dress), taffeta (undergown)
Features: The dress has dramatic 3/4 bell sleeves which are trimmed with ostrich feathers.
Colour: Dark green
Label: Babs Radon
Date: 1978