Dan Ahwa - Fashioning Assembly Aotearoa

Dan Ahwa is a respected New Zealand-based journalist and stylist with over 18 years of experience. He is the fashion & creative director for award-winning weekly magazines Viva and Canvas, published by The New Zealand Herald.

Dan is a trustee of the New Zealand Fashion Museum and Mindful Fashion NZ, and in 2019 he co-curated the exhibition Moana Currents: Dressing Aotearoa Now.  Working across print, editorials, digital and social campaigns, commercial projects, music videos and events he brings a very personal eye to his written and styling work. 

Informed by a desire to see his own features reflected in the pages of mainstream media he has actively sought to support and platform minority voices in a section of the media that has been less than inclusive.​

 In conversation with New Zealand Fashion Museum founder Doris de Pont (ONZM) Dan evaluates the challenges and successes of the journey so far. 


Examples of Dan's work which reflects his desire to represent various communities in contemporary fashion media.


Find more of Dan Ahwa's work at www.viva.co.nz.



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