Dress with crochet collar & cuffs

Hadny 5 designer, Isabel Haworth, had many clients from Wellington and the lower part of the North Island so she opened a boutique in Willis Street in Wellington in 1966. Model Lyn Farry was one of her Wellington customers. "Her fashions were so 'me' that I acquired probably more than I could afford at the time but I just couldn’t resist." Lyn later modelled for Hadny 5 at an off-site show. This photo of Lyn wearing a Hadny 5 dress was taken at The White Heron hotel in Wellington the day she won the Wellington section of the Wool Alive competition.



Model Lyn Farry
Copyright: Image © Lyn Farry
Designer: Isabel Haworth
Garment type: Dress
Material: Crepe
Features: This minidress has crochet cuffs and a stand-up collar.
Colour: Brown
Purchase location: Hadny 5 boutique, Willis Street, Wellington
Label: Hadny 5
Date: 1968