Blue Blank

Hesitant to call herself a designer, Clara Chon of Blue Blank came to design from a fine arts background, picking up technical skills here and there while creating garments. "I guess my fascination with DIY came as an allergic reaction to a total consumerist upbringing."

Clara’s first forays into fashion began with a series of jackets created for her Master of Fine Arts submission, and things grew organically from there. This organic growth has led to Blue Blank items being shot in magazines such as Catalogue and 1am, and stocked in the iconic Children of Vision shop on High Street.

Image © Clara Chon.

Fascinated with the idea of "tangible oxymorons", Clara’s designs combine and contrast materials and concepts that are not usually seen together: holographic lizard prints, metal rivets and eye motifs, smiley faces and patent leather. Each piece is hand-made and limited edition by necessity, and the work involved is time-consuming and intricate. Clara "rethinks the values of the community around [us]" by taking an unusual, sustainable approach to design.

Clara made headlines around the world when Kim Kardashian West was spotted wearing a hand-painted Blue Blank leather jacket. The jacket, which features Kim's face, took Clara one month to make. 

Clara Chon was commissioned to make this jacket for Kim Kardashian West and it became a paparazzi magnet when the reality television star wore it in February 2016.

Text by Arielle Walker.

Last published April 2016.

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