Button-through cardigan dress

When Maurice Mihotich started a clothing label in the 1960s, he called it Miss Deb. "Everything was Miss in those days. Debutantes were fashionable then, and the name summed up the mentality of the clothes".  Initially, Miss Deb was totally youth-oriented, influenced in the 1960s by the London fashion scene and hippy culture and, in the 1970s, by disco and psychedelia. By the time this ad for a cardigan dress appeared in 1980s magazines, Miss Deb had developed a more sophisticated image.


Photographer: Desmond Williams
Model Unknown
Copyright: All Rights Reserved, Image © Maurice Mihotich
Designer: Maurice Mihotich
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Cardigan dress
Material: Wool
Features: Gold buttons, black geometric pattern
Colour: Brown
Label: Miss Deb
Date: 1980s