Black & white graffiti print board shorts

Stolen Girlfriend's Club designer/co-founder Marc Moore learnt to surf in 1984 when his mother moved to Raglan for a bit of a lifestyle change. "I was a kid that was wearing Stubbies so the surf thing was pretty exciting for me! It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the ocean. I won quite a few of the Raglan boardriders events and most years would finish in the top 10 New Zealand rankings. My best national results were 3rd and 4th place. "When I was on the T & C New Zealand surf team the boss really liked my aesthetic and asked for my input in their collections. These board shorts were the first garment I ever designed. Surfing has kept me so humble throughout the invention and rise of our brand. It always keeps me level-headed and a great escape when things are getting a bit heavy. I owe a lot to surfing – the places I’ve travelled and people I’ve met and all the amazing experiences around my hometown of Raglan. I was a lucky bugger growing up there."


Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Marc Moore
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Marc Moore
Maker: T&C
Manufacturing location: China
Garment type: Board shorts
Material: Nylon
Features: Graffiti print
Colour: Black & white
Exhibition: At the Beach: 100 Years of Summer Fashion in New Zealand October 2015 - February 2016.
Label: T&C
Date: 1998