Black embroidered slippers

These Mervyn Adams slippers would have been a style for indoor wear that provided customers with the same support and comfort that their ranges of every day footwear sought to give. In 1950 they opened their first shop in Hamilton specialising in shoes that were both comfortable and stylish. In 1966, they took a step into manufacturing - taking on the design and production of the women's shoe brand that would later be known as Kumfs, and in 2010 rebranded to Ziera.

Contributor Stephanie King writes: "I purchased these from a recycling centre about five years ago. Because I love them and they had not been worn, I reserved them for their original nature i.e. at home. However, I have more recently worn them outside and about town and firmly believe you should not save your best things for 'special' circumstances. Every day is special, we know that now more than ever and we need to grab that bull by its horns and get on with using what we have first! You can see now at the back of the shoe on the silk, where the car has sadly made its mark. The outer appears to be silk with metallic thread embroidery details. They have a soft suede inside and what I believe to be a wool and synthetic blend similar to a sheepskin insert. Super comfy!" 


Photographer: Stephanie King
Credit: Loan courtesy of Stephanie King, Painted Bird Vintage
Copyright: All Rights Reserved, Image © Stephanie King
Garment type: Shoes
Material: Satin, synthetic, wool
Features: embroidery, short heels, wool lining
Colour: black, gold detail
Purchase location: Auckland
Label: Mervyn Adams
Date: 1960s